Every cell (bed or room) occupied on your Occupancy map is automatically unavailable for sale. But, if you prefer to block the sale of beds or rooms that are not reserved, for example a room that needs maintenance or if the property is closed for a feel days, follow the instructions in this article. We will present 3 solutions, apply the one that best fits your needs.


How to block in the map, hqbookings, and OTAs?


With this option it is possible to block rooms or beds individually.


On the Occupancy map, select the beds or rooms, then click the Block button that appears in red and confirm the block. It will automatically be unavailable for sale, in addition this option is suitable for occupancy reports and guest indicators. See example:







How to block rooms/beds by period?


It is also possible to block rooms and/or beds for long periods in Bookings > Rooms/beds block.



Define the period you want to block and search. All the rooms will be listed, then in the Reserve Now column select the number of rooms/beds you want to block, at the end of the tool use the Notes field to make any observations and then click on the Block button. Take a look at this example: 




How to undo the block?


To delete the entire block, click in the blocked period and then Remove block:



To delete the block for a single room or bed, click in the the blocked room or bed and select Cancel Night(s).




IMPORTANT: The blocking option is only available to users linked to the Manager group, for other users you can give permissions individually in Admin > Users. Edit the user's registration and click on the Permissions tab.