Make sure your myallocator account is active or synchronization will be compromised (and you will face all the problems mentioned below).


My rates are wrong in the booking channel! Check if you have sent your prices to myallocator correctly (remember that the precifier module is allowed to change and send your rates when active) and compare the rates on the myallocator Property> Rates and Availability screens and myallocator Availability.


Did you find discrepancies between these two screens? Contact us and we will resolve the issue.


All set right? Do the two screens have the same rates? Full Refresh on the Availability screen and double-check your rates on the booking channel. If prices are still wrong in the booking channel, the problem lies in the integration between myallocator and the channel - read these two articles (here and here) and contact myallocator support.


I got an alert on hqbeds and I'm panicking! Is it going to explode?


The alert at the top of hqbeds screen or the error message when sending prices to myallocator indicates that there is something wrong with the integration between the services. To resolve the error and close the short alert make sure that:


1. Your myallocator credentials are updated at Property> Setup> Hostel Information> myallocator;


2. Your myallocator account is active, without financial pending or any other type of block;


3. The mapping and connection between myallocator and booking channels are correct - to check the mapping read these two articles (here and here) and contact myallocator support.