Go to Property > Setup > Property info, there you will find the basic configuration of your account.

The tab Property Info show all your registration info. The address you put in this tab will be the same shown in the hqbookings (our booking engine) and the email is used to send the replies from your mailing, fill it correctly.

In the tab System Configuration you define the System language, the Monthly Income, and Occupancy Targets which guides the Property > Performance Monitor. 

To define the lookup nights showed in the Occupancy area, you have to click in the next tab Occupancy.

The function Amount to alert due is the limit that activates the red flag of the guests' debts.

Attention! In the Dashboard's section 'Bookings Due' shows this information for 7 days after the check out date. But in the Occupancy map and in the 'Bookings report', this information will appear until the amount is paid.

Also is possible to control the bookings with debts checking the column Amount and using booking labels to control it.

In the tab POS you can configure to print using PrintNode, click here to learn more.

Other basic settings: Rates and Availability, Add Products and Payment Methods.