In the form for creating a new reservation, it is possible to select the option 'Is this guest working for accommodation' to differentiate the reservations of volunteers (helpx, worldpackers, etc.) from ordinary guests.

This action clears the value of volunteer reserves and allows them to be excluded from occupancy reports.

Be sure to book your staff's beds! Every empty bed on the occupancy map is available for sale on your booking channels. And, after all, they are also guests.

Add consummation to volunteer reserves

hqbeds allows voluntary reservations to accept launches of consummations performed by the POS tool.

In Property> Setup> Property Info> POS tab, activate the parameter "Accept tickets in volunteer reservations.

Important: When activating this option, the accommodation values will normally appear in the reservation, as it will have the functions of a guest reservation.

Reservations> Reservation by period is the ideal tool for long reservations such as those of volunteers.

Employee accounts relate to users active in the system and have nothing to do with booking volunteers working in exchange for accommodation.