Go to Bookings > Reports > Bookings you can find all the bookings that have already passed through your hqbeds account ... but to find exactly the one you want to see, you need to learn how to use the filters.


Most of them are self-explanatory (name, surname, email, etc), the others we explain below.


Booking - allows you to search for a specific reservation number


Reservation Date - filters reservations by the date they were entered into the system


Check-in - filters reservations by check-in date (do not confuse with the Reservation Date!)


Status - uses the colored status of your bed map as a parameter, such as pre-booking, new booking, check-in, etc. And it is possible to consult with multiple status.


Type - differentiates common bookings from bookings of guests working in exchange for accommodation


Balance - differentiates bookings with open or settled balance


Origin - is the reservation's origin channel (which you can customize in Bookings > Data Tables > Channels)


Label - is the customizable colored marker


Discount Coupon - are the coupons you make available for reservations made through hqbookings


User - who created the booking


Using the filters you can, for example, calculate the booking commission for each member of your staff in a certain month.


You can also order the columns using the rows in ascending or descending by clicking on the arrows at the top of the columns. It may be useful to sort the Balance column in ascending order to view the bookings (open, checked-in, checked-out, or in any status) with debts.


To download the report click on Export CSV and it has, in the downloadable version, the details of the Rooms column indicating the room corresponding to each of the daily rates of the reservation.


Looking for a canceled reservation? Did it disappear from your occupancy map? Open the report and filter the Status by Canceled.