The Invoice report is not grouped in the finance module, but it is important for the management of your property.

Go to Property> Reports > Invoices and see all your property's invoices over a given period. Absolutely all payment entries are recorded in this report, will be the payments made within the Checking account of a reservation or POS entries.

Generating Invoices Report by Type All

Set up the Type filter to All, so all payment recorded within the period will be listed, regardless of the booking check-in is within the survey period, considering booking payments, POS and employee accounts

What each column represents:

  • Create date brings the date the billing was posted
  • Booking/order shows the booking number associated with the payment (when there is no reservation number it is because the payment was made through the POS)
  • Guest/client is the name of the guest who made the payment
  • Type indicates whether the payment was made within the Checking account of a reservation, or through the POS
  • Amount shows the full payment amount (without discounts for debit or credit payments)
  • User is the staff who made that transaction on hqbeds

Generating Invoices Report by Type Bookings

The bookings type filter in the billing report lists the total of reservations (which had payment records) made within the check in period filtered in the date field, separating accommodation and consumption parts.

What each column represents:

  • Booking shows the reservation number associated with the payment made
  • Guest is the name of the main guest on the reservation
  • Check-in check in date
  • Check out reservation check out date
  • Lodging Due Total value accommodation in the reservation (considering discounts)
  • Consumption Total value of consummation in the reservation