In order to make the sale of private rooms more flexible, it is possible to work with proportional rates according to the number of guests. A room with a maximum capacity for 4 people costs $ 200/night, but when booked by a couple it costs $ 100/night - for example.


Proportional Rates to the number of guests work with gradual percentage discounts applied on the amount charged for the maximum occupancy of the room.


The standard and special rates usually are based on the maximum occupancy of a room, so you can use different Sales Bases for private rooms giving a discount when the room doesn't reach the maximum occupancy.


To establish your sales base go to Property > Setup > hqbookings > Room(s) and click on Sales Base next to room option.


Back to the example: a room with 4 beds can have 4 different sale bases - for 4, 3, 2 and 1 guests.


4 people (maximum occupancy) - does not receive discount - $ 200

3 people - 25% off - $ 150

2 people - 50% off - $ 100

1 person - 60% off - $ 80


It is possible to configure the sale bases of the rooms in percentage or in amount.


Percentage Sales Base:



Amount Sales Base:



! The prices showed are based on the standard sales rate. If different rates are applied on especific dates, the same discounts will be applied to the updated rate. Use the Rates and Availability screen to view your rates.


In Property > Rates and Availability Click on the tool icon next to the room type to see the bases that will be applied for the period, see an example:





Define periods with discounts for sales base


Set up sales base for different periods for specific dates or holidays, the configuration is similar to the previous one, the difference will be to fill the period that the discount will be applied:



When the guest make a reservation which includes part of the period in one sales base discount and the rest in other sales base discount, the price will be an average of the total discount, considering day by day.


These conditions apply to your hqbookings and Occupancy map only.


Proportional rates are not unanimous among OTAs: works with them (learn more here), Hostelworld does not. So the rate that we send to your channel manager is always the standard rate, the sales base are not synchronized with the rate manager or booking channels.