The first stage of synchronization involves your PMS and CM, property management system and channel manager.

The channel manager is the only service connected directly to the hqbeds. We send your availability and rates to myallocator (which sends it to OTAs) and, on the other hand, myallocator is the one that sends reservations to hqbeds (received through OTAs).

The role of hqbeds is in sync between services is:

1. Send the information (rates, availability, minimum stay, dates partially or totally closed) from the Property > Rates and Availability screen to myallocator.

2. Import to hqbeds all active reservations received by myallocator through OTAs (with reservations, see conditions here).

We guarantee the operation of this stage of synchrony taking care of the connection and mapping of rooms between these two services, hqbeds and myallocator.

Please contact us whenever there is any change in your property's rooms and we will make the necessary adjustments to hq and myallocator. We do not have access or permission to make the necessary changes to the connection between myallocator and OTAs, these are your responsibility - but, of course, we help you. Find out more here.