While the first stage of synchronization takes place between hqbeds and myallocator, the second stage does not involve us directly: it is when myallocator communicates and synchronizes data with OTAs like Hostelworld and Booking.com.


Is your myallocator account new and has no channels connected? The connection between myallocator and OTAs must follow the instructions provided by the company in this guide here. The connection process for each OTA may be slightly different, stay tuned.


Room mapping is crucial for integration between services - no step will work if it is not done correctly. We map the rooms between hqbeds and myallocator, the mapping between myallocator and OTAs is your responsibility.


Mapping the rooms is like connecting the points of two columns, it is where you point out that the mixed 4 bed shared room registered in Rooms on myallocator corresponds to the 4 bed shared dorm in OTA, for example. Follow the myallocator mapping coordinates carefully.


The configuration (shared or private, number of guests, gender and number of rooms within the category) must be identical in hqbeds, myallocator and OTA. Please contact us whenever there is any change in your property's rooms and we will make the necessary adjustments between hq and myallocator.


Any problem in this second stage of synchronization, between myallocator and OTAs, should be referred directly to the support team of these services. The problems of the first stage, between hq and myallocator, should be referred to our support (via online chat or suporte@hqbeds.com.br).