Discount coupons applicable to hqbookings are ideal for increasing direct bookings through social media campaigns and guest loyalty programs.


Register coupons in Bookings> Data Tables> Discount Coupon> + New


Code is the code (something like "HOSTEL10" or "MUSICFESTIVAL") that your guest must apply at the time of booking to receive the discount.



Coupons have two configuration options considering:


  • the Reservation Date, which defines the period of use of the coupon, as in "all reservations made later that month receive a 10% discount" or

  • the Check-in date, which defines the period to be booked, as in "reservations for July receive 5% discount"


In addition it is possible to define the minimum stay in which the coupon can be applied.


Share your coupon in a simple way, click on the share icon and copy the url from hqbookings with the coupon applied.



On hqbookings the guest can enter the code right after selecting the check-in and check-out dates.



Applying cumulative discount coupon


It is also possible to work with cumulative discount coupons, that is, if you are already applying an offer or general discount on hqbookings for a certain period and using a cumulative discount coupon, both discounts will be considered.


To inform that the discount coupon is cumulative within the coupon register, set the Cumulative field with YES





In the example below the period is offering 15%, total w / a discount of $32,79



When applying the coupon will be applied in the amount with a discount of R $ 1400.00