If you use a channel manager you should be careful with the room configuration of your hqbeds account, channel manager and OTA's. 

Go to Property > Setup > Room types you'll find the room types or categories of your property, also you can see the Default Price.

Each room type can have 1 or more units, so if you have 3 shared mixed rooms with 5 beds each, the configuration will be like this: 

ROOM TYPE "Shared Mixed with 5 beds", Room(s) 3. 

You can also create a room type for each room, if you prefer. In this case, the configuration will be: 

ROOM TYPE "Shared Mixed with 5 beds A", Room(s) 1.

ROOM TYPE "Shared Mixed with 5 beds B", Room (s) 2. 

ROOM TYPE "Shared Mixed with 5 beds C", Room (s) 3.

Each room type is mapping with its own type in the channel manager and OTA's. You have to repeat exactly the same configuration of other services to guarantee the correct functioning of the system. Read this guide to learn more. 

If you need to change, add or remove rooms, please contact our customer support team.