Occupancy is one of the most important hqbeds tools, through this feature you can see exactly what is happening in your property.


Visualize up to 99 nights at once.


To define a standard number of nights access Property > Setup > Property info, tab Occupancy and define the Nights to Lookup and then click to Save the configuration.


See all the rooms at once or one specific room using the filter Select combined with From and Night (s) fields. 


The booking status is separated by color, making it easier to identify the guests with check-in status and open bookings, for example. 




How do I know if there is a booking with debt? 


When you see the red flag icon, that means this booking is in debt. 




In Property > Setup > Property info tab Occupancy you can configure the Amount to alert due.



How can I see which guests are going to check-out?


Every booking with this icon in the occupancy map, indicate that the guest need to check-out from your property.



How can I see how many guests are on my property right now? 


This information is above the occupancy map.