How to Check out?


The Check-out is exactly the reverse of check-in.


You can do the check-out by clicking Check-out in the booking popup or by clicking on the guest's name in blue in the center of the booking screen.


Check out all guests on the reservation by clicking on the checkbox Check-out all beds and click the check-out button.




It is also possible to write a note that will be saved with the guest's registration and accessible to your team in future consultations or reservations.



If the guest was really problematic, share the experience on Vizuh sending a guest report. Vizuh is the intelligent blacklisting system of hqbeds.


It stores occurrences shared by properties regarding problematic guests. Submit responsible reports and know that the guest's information (name, surname, email, identification, photo, etc.) will be available for other properties.


How to cancel Check out?


I accidentally checked-out a guest! Help! Calm down. Go back to the reservation screen and click on the name of the guest who was unfairly checked out and click Cancel check out. See the example:


Go see the details of the reservation you want to cancel check out, by clicking on the guest's name:




On the guest information screen, click Cancel Check out and confirm the action.



Done! You have cancelled the Check-out successfully!



How to block Check out?


Hqbeds offers an option to not allow check out on bookings with debt, this prevents the guest from leaving with any financial pending. 


To use this option, activate the blocking option in Property> Setup> Property Info > System Configuration tab and select YES to block check out with debt and save, as soon as the function is enabled, the rule will be applied to registered reservations that are in this condition, see example: