Allocate your reservations to the correct beds and keep your operation organized. The Occupancy map must match the availability of your guests in "real life".


Open the Occupancy map, click on the booking cell, hold and drag to another cell - moving the guest from bed 1 to bed 2, for example. 


You can move a guest to an empty or already occupied bed (exchanging one guest for another). Adjust the values if necessary.


For private rooms it is possible to exchange rooms with the same shared room procedure, click, hold and drag a reservation cell to another cell.


But for the private room, it is necessary to respect some rules, such as the number of beds between the rooms and also the non-existence of checked-in in the destination room.


Important! It's not possible change bookings from a dorm to a privative room. Remember that you always have to change the room in the OTA too.


You can make the following changes:


  • Room with pre-reservation status reservation (pink), open (yellow) or check-in (blue) for empty room


  • Room with pre-reservation status reservation (pink), open (yellow) or check-in (blue) for room with open status reservation (yellow)


For bookings with many nights we use the multiple bed exchange. Go to the booking screen, select the beds you want to move, and click in the orange Change Bed(s) button.



Select your destination, keep or not the same prices and save.


The exchange of beds moves guests within the same date already booked; find out how to move your guest in time (add nights or change check-in / check-out dates) by clicking here.