On days when your property is full or you host parties there are many transactions and the most common form of payment is cash, for security it is always good to withdraw the excess cash from the cashier.


Using hqbeds it is possible to solve this quickly and simply. Open your POS and go to Cash Drain tab, on the screen you can see the total in cash so far (only cash transactions are accounted for). 


In the Amount field you can fill with the value you will withdraw, then click on Process. 


When you close your shift you can see the summary of the cashier and also the Cash Drain done during the shift.



And it is also possible to Cash Drain on Close Shift. Fill in the Cash Value field in the cashier with the amount you will leave for the next shift and hqbeds will calculate how much is withdrawn. 




Our suggestion is to put this cash in an envelope, identify it with your shift ID and deposit it in some management vault.


Also check the cash withdrawls in the Cash Closing Report


Hqbeds also has the option of automatically transferring the Cash Drain to another bank, enable the tool in Property > Setup > Property info > POS tab and in the Transfer drained cash to other bank account on POS closing shift field select the desired bank. 


Using this feature, when you close the cashier automatically the money will be transferred to the configured bank. 


You can see this entry on the Finance tab, there will be two entries, one in Payments (source bank) and another in Revenues (destination bank) with the amount you withdraw where it will be possible to consult the Banking Movement report.



Learn how to Close your shift here.