POS means point of sales.

Through this feature you operate the cash, tab terminals, and sell products and services.

All you need to sell a product or service is to open the POS terminal. Open your cashier and continue to POS > Terminal.

We suggest that you always work with two tabs opened in your browser, handling the POS in one and reservations in the other.

Click on one of the product categories (which can also be a service) and then on the desired item. Add several different items to the order on the left side of the screen and, on the right side, change their quantities. Click on Payment.

The Pay Now tab settles the order at the same time. Enter the amount paid with each payment method ($ 10 in debt and $ 5 in cash, for example) and give a discount if applicable. 

Click on Resume and that's all! 

To place an order on the guest's account, find it in the Guest tab. Only guests who are already officially in the house will appear there, that is, who have already checked in and are in blue on the Occupancy map.

The Booking tab is used to launch orders for future bookings whose guests have not yet checked in. Let's say you sell an airport transfer to a guest that arrives next month - you can leave it registered. Locate the reservation, get its number and put it in the Booking field.

And, finally, the Staff tab, where you add orders to the accounts of active users (Admin > Users) on your hqbeds account or use the option Pay Now. It is possible to register special prices for products sold to staff in the registration of products and services.

To add a payment on the Staff Checking Account or Pay Now, on the payment screen just below the Order, select the desired Staff and choose the payment option, see example:

Can I apply a credit limit to the Staff account?

Yes, this configuration is performed in the registration of the Staff access user in Admin> Users, edit the desired user and fill in the value in the Max. Due field.

Do not want your Staff to be able to buy on credit, in Property> Setup> Property Information > POS tab select the option NO for Staff can buy on credit?

Service charge

The POS allows you to add extra service fee, on the payment screen enter the percentage and hqbeds will automatically calculate.


Apply the discount in value in the sale and when there is more than one item hqbeds calculate the proportional apportionment and being able to view the discounts given in each item in the Close Shift screen and in the Close Shift Report:

I made a wrong order !!! You can only delete entries made through the Guests or Reservations tab. To do this, enter the reservation screen, click on the blue icon next to the transaction, in the Checking Account section, and delete. The transaction will disappear from your cash flow and from the Reservation Checking Account, but will remain registered in ChangeLog.

My products are not available for sale! Check the Stock section of the help center to adjust the item to your needs.

Make payment for orders posted on reservations by clicking here.