Printing tickets, coupons, or orders is an interesting feature for properties that also operate as a cafe, bar or restaurant.


We work integrated with PrintNode. Create an account, download the application: the printers connected to the computer will be automatically recognized and will appear in the Printers tab of the newly install website: PrintNode App.


Note: PrintNode offers a free plan for 50 prints per month for 1 printer. See which plan is ideal for your property by clicking here.


In the application's website, look for the API tab (access here) and click Make New API Key. This is a key that authorizes the use of your PrintNode account by hqbeds.


In the Description field, name your key ("hqbeds", for example) and click Save.


Copy your key (a long code of letters and numbers) and go to the section Configuration for printing via PrintNode and paste in PrintNode Api Key in Property> Setup > Property Info > POS tab of hqbeds. Click Find Printers and select the one you want to use.


Printing coupons at terminals


In POS > Data Tables > Terminals click on the desired terminal and select the option of printing in PDF or PrintNode, ticket printing can be automatic (every ticket will be printed) or manual (when finalizing each ticket decide whether or not to have it printed). Set on that same screen in the Print Ticket menu. And link the desired printer to the terminal.