Using hqbeds it is possible to create items combos and have inventory control of the item being sold in the combo.

See an example in the practice of selling a bucket of beer.

Access Stock > Data Tables > Products

Create the combo record, in this register, you need to check the Combo YE option

Combo registration

As soon as the combo registration is created, the Combo section will be enabled within the registration to add the item (s)

Click + Add and search for the item you want to add.

Remember that this is the COMBO registration, the product that will be added to the combo MUST be registered, because the inventory control is related to the item.

In the query result, define the quantity of the item that will be added to the combo.

Your combo is ready for sale at the POS and at the Tab terminal!

I inserted a wrong item in my combo, how can I delete it from my combo?

Click + Add do the item search again and in the quantity field enter 0 (zero) and save, the item will be deleted from your combo right away!

Follow the step by step to learn how to control your stock. Start here.