Unlike Revenues, Payments needs to be fed by the user who wants to have a real finance control of the property expenses.

To feed and keep updated, go to Finance > Payments, click on + New and create an expense.

A rental expense would be created as follows:

Document - 0001 (optional)

Amount - $ 5000.00

Accrual-basis month - 10/2017

Expiration Date - 10/15/2017

Quotas - 1

Note - ex Monthly Rent (optional)

Bank - Banco do Brasil

Account - Rental

Payment Method - Bank Transfer

Status - To Pay or Paid

Payment date - if it is an expense to pay, leave it blank; if it has already been paid, inform the date

Quotas can be used for recurring expenses like rent, electricity, or installment purchases, the number of quotas indicated will appear in your accounts payable in the following months.

Click on Save and the expense has been created.

Once the expense is paid, go back to Finance > Payments, use the Status filter in the To pay option, find the expense, select by clicking on the last column, and click on White off.

Using the popup you can change the necessary information (such as amount, payment date, account, bank, etc.). Or you can just confirm the information added when creating the expense. Once everything is confirmed, click on White off.

When you write off an expense, hqbeds consider it paid. To check all paid accounts for a period, just change the Status filter to Paid.

Payments are also partially fed automatically by the other modules of the hqbeds. All withdrawals made through the POS during a shift or refunds to guest accounts are assimilated by Revenues.