Every cell (bed or room) occupied on your Map is automatically unavailable for sale on the bed map of hqbeds, hqbookings and OTAs connected with the channel manager.


Example bed occupied in a shared room



Example occupied private room



Free cells are available as long as there are no beds and rooms blocked on the Map and no restrictive conditions are set (minimum stay or dates partially or completely closed) for OTAs and hqbookings.


IMPORTANT: Remembering that the accommodation (rooms or beds) free will only be available for hqbookings and OTAs as long as they have a set rate (greater than zero) correctly synchronized with the channel manager!


Set your rate and open the availability of your property in OTAs by synchronizing the period with the channel manager as described here. As soon as the period is sent to the channel manager, availability will be automatically loaded and your rooms will be open.


Want to know more about restrictive availability conditions? click here


To block your availability, see block beds and rooms.