With hqbeds you can advertise your services or products for your guest to add at the time of booking through hqbookings.


The idea of selling consummation on hqbookings, is similar to buying a cinema ticket online, as soon as you choose the ticket you are offered the option of purchasing popcorn, drinks, etc.


To start the ad option on hqbookings go to Stock > Registration Tables > Products search for the item you want to advertise and in the Action column select the option hqbookings.



On the ad registration screen, fill in the information such as sales price, add a photo and in the Active option select YES and save:



After saving, in the Translation section, click + Add and create a description for the advertisement available in Portuguese, English and Spanish.



After registering the ad it will already be available for sale on hqbookings, as soon as the guest selects the accommodation, the available services or products will be offered.



On the data review screen, the values of accommodation and products purchased will be presented separately, this information will also be sent by email to the guest and the property.


Data Review screen hqbookings




Example email confirmation



The reservation appears on the hqbeds with the product purchased, and the sale can be viewed at POS > Reports > Sales history




If you want to create ads for products that have inventory control, we suggest that you have two product registrations, one for sale at the POS terminal and another for exclusive sale at hqbookings, that way it will be easier to control sales via hqbookings.


Add attributes to products for sale in the hqbeds Virtual Store


For products sold in the Virtual Store you can add product attributes, for example in the registration of a t-shirt, for example, you can add the size and color of the attributes, to create the attribute just click on the button + Add.




When you save the attribute click on the Translations and Options buttons to fill in the information for Portuguese, English and Spanish



Translation Configurator

Options configurator

Options Translation button




Configurator of attribute option translations



Add the number of attributes that your product needs, when finishing the configurations it will be available for use in the Virtual Store.


Product attributes are only available for the Online Store at the moment!