The feature Slack-Alerts works to receive notifications of the actions done in the system inside the Slack app


Using this feature you can receive alerts of opening and closing shift, new bookings, overbooking alerts, booking modification, property bills expiring soon, and booking due into the Slack app.

Slack Settings 


  1. You need to have a Slack account.

  2. Create one slack channel to each alert you want to receive, for example, if you would like to receive alerts from opening and closing shift, you have to create the slack channel #POS-alerts. 

  3. To make this integration you will need to use a Slack app named Incoming Webhooks.



  • By clicking at the result you will be redirected to the app page, click on Add Configuration

  • Select the channel created in the second step


  • Then you click on Add Incoming Webhooks integration

  • Go to Integration Settings section and copy the Webhook URL

Hqbeds Configuration 


  1. Access the hqbeds, go to Property > Setup > Property info, go to Slack-alerts tab and activate the alert you want selecting the option YES and paste the Webhook URL



Now your alert is ready and each action done you will receive in the slack channel.