It is very important that each member of staff use their own hqbeds user: the system links each action to the responsible user.


Create new users in Admin> Users. Every new user belongs to the Members group and has basic permissions to access the hq.


You control what each user (your staff) sees and does by clicking Edit on the Permissions tab. The order of the items follows the logic of the modules in the hq header.


Users of the Managers group have access to the complete system and all its functions.


In addition it is possible to give permission for ordinary users (member group) to have access to the Admin menu to view users, edit user information, permissions, enable and disable and remove users.



Deactivate blocks the user's access to the HQ. You can reactivate it whenever you want.


Remove is a definite action and removes the user from the system forever.


Any active user can change their own password by clicking Forgot your password? on the login screen, on the next screen fill in the property and your email that was entered in the user registration and click Submit. Once this is done a link will be sent to the email where you can create the new password.