The operation of the hqbeds Virtual Store is very similar to the hqbookings booking engine, but instead of booking sales, only products and services will be sold.


The purchase is made in 3 steps, choosing the items, filling in the payment details, and confirming the purchase.


An email with the purchase details will be sent to the email that was informed in the order with a copy to the property.



How to configure the Virtual Store?


The Virtual Store inherits the payment method rules configured for hqbookings, and the products available are the same with configured ads, make your product as customizable as possible by adding attributes, learn how here.


Do not forget to provide the URL of your Virtual Store for your site administrator to perform the integration, find the URL at POS> Reports> Virtual Store Orders



How to view the Virtual Store order on hqbeds?


Orders placed in the Virtual Store will appear on the Dashboard of the Orders section:



Clicking on the order will open the details of the sale and the current account of the order.



If you need to send the order invoice click on the Invoice button and use the print or Send by email options.




It is also possible to consult orders at POS> Reports> Virtual Store Orders