Housekeeping is the hqbeds room/bed cleaning control tool where your team can generate reports for cleaning and manage the cleaning frequency.



How to enable and configure Housekeeping


Enable the tool at Property > Setup > Property Info on the System Configuration tab, select "Yes" in the Housekeeping field and save.



With the tool enabled go to Property> Housekeeping


Click in Configuration located on the upper right corner of the screen.

Using this button you can also activate or deactivate the tool and automatize the cleaning frequency for the different types of rooms separately. The cleaning frequencies available are:


  • Only at Check out - When someone check out the reservation, the report will update the condition of the bed or room for Check out indicating that it needs to be clean


  • Check out + Daily - The housekeeping robot will check daily and update the bed/room condition on reservations with check out and the ones remaining in the property - these will have the status 'Service' indicating that it needs to be cleaned but not checked out.

  • Check out + every 2 days, Check out + every 3 days, Check out + every 4 days - The rule is similar to the previous one, the difference will be the frequency of days that will indicate the need for cleaning to the guests that remain in the house.







IMPORTANT: The Housekeeping robot runs once a day


How to control cleanliness


On the main page of the tool use the Status filter with the options All, Check out, Service or Clean.


The Check Out or Service conditions list all beds/rooms in need of cleaning.


Check out - is applied when the guest checks out of the bed/room



Service - is applied when the guest stays in the property, according to the cleaning frequency defined in the Tool Settings screen.



Clean - List all beds or rooms that have already been cleaned


Start cleaning the beds or rooms by clicking the Start Cleaning button that appears in the Action column.



When cleaning starts, the button will change to green with the status of End Cleaning.



In addition, on the Property Map it is possible to check the rooms / beds that need cleaning through a trash can icon.




When changing beds, if the original bed is checked in, it assumes that the bed will need cleaning. In the window 'Beds change' or in the screen within the reservation, the question "Marked for cleaning" will already be selected (which means need cleaning).




Do you want to see the cleaning history of the rooms from the previous days?


In the main screen of the tool click on 


In Housekeeping History define the day you want to consult in the Date field. In the result it is possible to check the name of the room, bed, if there was a cleaning appointment, the reason (check out, change of bed, or cleaning) date and time and the user who was using the report.



Both the Housekeeping tool screen and the History can be printed to help the conference.