Control the rental items, inform the return, break/loss, and if the item was purchased.

Enable this tool at Property > Setup > Property info on the System Configuration tab by selecting YES in the Rental check-list field.

When the rental tool is enabled, it will not be possible to check out before informing the status of the rented item.

Clicking on the booking in the Rented itens section it will show all the items the guest has rented, with 3 action options: 

Returned = The guest returned the item, and for items that have inventory control, the item is returned to stock.

Lost = Updates the rental status, and for the items you have control, it continues out of the stock.

Acquired = The guest purchased the item, and for the items that are under control, it continues out of the stock.

Rent Refund

The system will automatically refund the rent to the guest's Checking Account when the item is returned to the property. Go to Stock > Data Tables> Products and set the refund amount, for example:

Sell Price: $ 10.00

Rent Refund: $ 5.00

Rented Item:

Returned item with refund:

Important! The refund entry is credited to the guest’s account, it functions as a voucher and will not appear in your financial module reports or in the cashier. It will be used to write off the booking balance which can be seen in the Booking Summary.

Do you want to know the date and the user who registered the return?

See the log in Property > Reports > Activity Log

Register your rented items here