Making a new reservation is as intuitive as it sounds: select date cells on the Occupancy map and click on Reserve Now in orange at the top of the screen. 


You can apply a discount (configured in Bookings > Data Tables > Discount), fill out the form with the guest data and click on Reserve now button (green).


You can always edit the data on this form by clicking on Edit Booking.


Shared rooms allow you more flexibility and choose how many and which beds you want to book.


The private rooms are reserved as a whole and work with rates proportional to the number of guests. Select the room, click Reserve Now, and then define the basis for the sale of the reservation.






How do I reserve long-term bookings?


Go to Bookings > Block Reservation to find the ideal tool for long term bookings (group, monthly, volunteer, etc.) and to calculate budgets. 


Set the desired period and in the search result, fill in the information.


  • For shared rooms set the number of people

  • For private rooms set the number of units you want to book


The total accommodation price will already be calculated in the Total column, see example below: