Change check-in and check-out dates, add more beds in a room, and change your reservations as you wish.



Changing a reservation check-in or check-out date


Add daily rates or beds by clicking + Night in the popup or booking details screen. Select the cells you want to add to the reservation and click save.




It is possible to do this procedure also within the reservation details by clicking on the blue button + Night.





To cancel, select the desired cells on the booking screen and click the red button Cancel Night(s).



Cancel the entire reservation by clicking Cancel Booking in the right corner.




Find canceled reservations in Bookings > Reports> Bookings filtering by status: canceled.




Reverse the cancellation of the booking by clicking Revert Cancellation.



This action only works for cases of reservations that were canceled through the Cancel Booking button


No-shows and cancellations made by you must be reported to the respective OTA, except for Booking.


I made a reservation with the wrong dates, now what ?!


If you need to change the check-in date use the + Night button to add the correct check-in date, if you need to change the check-out date use the option to Cancel Night(s).