Overbookings are the worst part of the hospitality business. We know that and we do everything we can to prevent it, but sometimes they happen and it's a fatality.


An overbooking is a reservation that could not be allocated, that is, whose booked beds are not available. It triggers a red alert at the top of your Occupancy map.


Click on it and you will see the details of that reservation. Solve the case in the best possible way (by allocating the reservation manually in another room, for example) and mark it as resolved.


It is worth saying that the Mark as resolved button is not a magic solution, it just makes the alert disappear. The purpose of the alert is to make you aware of the overbooking as soon as possible so that it does not become a problem.


Have you received many overbookings? Check if your channel manager is properly connected to the OTAs and, if the problem persists, contact our support team.