When you start your shift you have to open the POS terminal, so when you finish your shift you have to close it.


In POS > Terminal, click on Close Shift on the top of the page. The next screen will show you every move made during your shift.



The first deposit in the left column is always the amount you opened the cashier with. All other releases are listed in detail below. Click on Details for more information about each ticket.





On the right side you will find the totals for each type of movement. 


Total in Cash is the amount you must have in cash at the cashier.


Total Registered includes payments by credit and debit cards and entries in guest and staff accounts (possibly still open and not paid).


The Cash left in the box field at the cashier must match the Cash Total ... or something is wrong, you may have forgotten to register a movement, for example, and the column on the left helps you to refresh your memory. If there is still any difference in the values, use the field below to justify it.



Confirm the values on the next screen and leave notes for the next shift.



See how to make Cash Drain here.


Every closing shift generates a report, check this on Finance > Closing Shift Review.


Never forget to close your shift before you leave.