To mark a reservation as no-show, click to view the reservation details and click in the NO-show button.

This button only appears in bookings with OPENED status at the check-in date. 

When you apply the NO-show status, the following nights will be available to new bookings again, but the value is not affected, so payments, total, etc are not affected. 

Go to Bookings > Reports > Bookings and search for bookings with NO-show status. 

Can I revert a NO-show status? 

Yes, click to view the booking and click in Revert NO-show.

!The no-show status information is just for the hqbeds system and Booking, the no-show doesn't apply on other OTA's. You have to access your extranet to apply the no-show.

To have a better control of your bookings use the Booking Report going in Bookings > Reports > Booking filtering by the status: No-show.